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05.04.2017 - Invitation for study trip "How to change the school garden?"

From 5th to 7th April 2017, The Centre for Environmental Education SAŽP Dropie is organizing the study trip named „How to change the school garden?“ within the project LIFE12 NAT/SK/001155 Ochrana vtákov v CHVÚ Ostrovné lúky.

One of the project goal is that the schools, leisure centres and organisers of free time activities in the region of Lower Rye Island positively change their surroundings by creating microhabitats which will also serve as practical laboratories of live nature and will enrich teaching of natural sciences.

Participants will not only get information about how to change the school garden with natural aspects, but also will get to know a number of environmental activities and games. The study trip will include visit of Waldorf primary school and kindergarten in Brno, School facility for environmental education Lipka – facilities Kamenná and Rozmarýnek and also Ecological institute Veronica in Hostětín. Interesting program is prepared at all the places.  

All enviro-positive teachers, leisure center workers and organisers of free time activities from the region of Lower Rye Island can aplly through on-line application form until 17th March 2017 included. All the costs (accomodation, refreshments and travel) are covered by the organiser. Number of participantd is limited. In the case of a large number of participants, the organizer reserves the right to select participants, preferred are the pilot schools under The Secret Life of Pests program. In case of any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Katka Béresová at katarina.beresova@sazp.sk, 0905 314 427, 035 789 6055.

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