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11.12.2017 - Nest camera has recorded the couple of Heliaeethus albicilla

Nest camera installed over the nesting place has recorded the couple of  Heliaeethus albicilla in the area of National Park Duna - Ipoly, which is project site of the LIFE project - Danube Floodplains.   https://youtu.be/kezwvBJ65hY

This is a proof that the area is well preserved and the habitats are protected and managed in the right way  - the old trees are kept on the place, which are suitable for nesting of such species,  no forest action is done in the place, no disturbance is performed which would lead to  leaving of the couple of these birds from the nest. 

It is important to keed absolut restriction of the entrance of visitors to this site, because this kind od bird need absolute silence.  

Such conditions were not possible to keep on the majority of the Danube area in Slovakia, therefore the species Heliaeethus albicilla is now quite rare in Slovakia. We hope that this LIFE project with its activities, will help to increase number of this specie also on the Slovak side.