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Project objectives


The project objective is to restore the key natural habitats of Danube floodplains and to introduce sound sustainable management. Habitat restoration will be achieved by improvement of water regime in the vast river branch system and by direct interventions to secure favourable conservation status of targeted habitats.

Specific objectives are:

  1. to optimize water level and distribution of water within the Danube river branch system and in Danube floodplains;
  2.  to restore water regime of selected disturbed localities;
  3.  to restore targeted habitat types and to improve their conservation status
  4. to increase biodiversity of floodplain forest habitats, production potential and ecosystem services of forest management;
  5.  to improve the conservation status of the last remaining fragments of non-forest habitats within project site, especially alluvial meadows and to set-up their sustainable regular management;
  6.  to support practical implementation of the EU Habitats Directive and NATURA 2000 network
  7. to raise awareness on importance of  floodplains restoration and to disseminate knowledge for replication and transfer of results and of best practices.