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Project activities and expected project outcomes

  1. A.    Preparatory actions, elaboration of management plans and/or of action plans

A.1: Hydrological model on flow capacity and longitudinal continuity of Danube river branch system (VUVH)

Expected results: Final proposal of restoration measures including specification of basic parameters.

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017): physical model of the river branch system is built in technical laboratory in VÚVH. All the field measurements needed for digital model of the branch system are accomplished as well as the calculations. Digital model is functioning for the purpose of choosing the most suitable measurements in the study. Proposal of the study is being finalized and it will include the proposal of restoration measurements.

A.2: Expert study on restoration of river branches lateral connectivity and wetlands water regime (VUVH)

Expected results: Elaboration of final expert study that will include all restoration measures including their basic parameters.

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017): all the field monitoring measurements are accomplished for the purpose of setting the hydrodynamic 1D and 2D models. Simulations of various scenarios were done for different water levels. The study proposal is being finalized and it will contain proposals of restoration measurements.

A.3: Technical documentation (VVB)

Expected results: Technical set of project documentation elaborated for realisation of conservation actions C.1 and C.2. Documentation for obtaining construction permit elaborated, submitted to responsible authorities and approved. All necessary permissions and agreements according to Act No. 543/2002 on Nature and Landscape Protection as amended provided.

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017): technical documentation for the restoration of the part of the river arm in the locality of Kráľovská lúka meadow was prepared (year 2015).

A.4: Identification of the sources of autochthonous gene pool, reproduction of these species and elaboration of activities draft serving on forest ecosystems conservation (NLC, BROZ, DINPD)

Expected results:

Established a gene pool of 200 DNA-verified Black poplar genotypes with varietal identity and GIS records on Hungarian side.

Individual trees/ approved stands will be indentified within Slovak part of project site as source of reproduction material.

Number of individual trees or areas with approved stands will be nominated to the National Register and National list LRM.

The expert study proposed concrete restoration measures to improve conservation status of targeted forest habitats will be elaborated.

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017): gene pool of 200 DNA genotypes of black poplars on Hungarian part has been finished (DINPD).

Identification of the sources of autochtonous gene pool in Slovak part has been done. More than 150 tree individuals along the Danube has been identified including black poplars, willows (Crack willow), narrow-leafed ash, small-leaved lime, apple tree, pear tree, mulberry, common oak. The data are processed into a report, seed and reproductive material is collected and planted to grow tree seedlings in field station of NLC.

 A. 5: Expert study on lowland meadows and non-forest habitats restoration (BROZ)

Expected results: An expert study on restoration of lowland meadows and non-forest habitats elaborated. At least 2 public discussions with stakeholders and/or experts on the study organized.

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017): Expert study of lowland meadows and non-forest habitats was done in 2016. Restoration works on lowland meadows are being done these days on the basis of the study – activity C5.

B. Purchase/lease of land and/or compensation payments for use rights

B.1 Purchase / lease of land (BROZ)

Expected results:  Purchased or leased land in order restoration activities could be preformed.

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017): in UEV Kľúčovské rameno, UEV Číčovské luhy, UEV Čiližské močiare and UEV Dunajské luhy 12,8 ha of the land has been purchased altogether. Grasslands 2 ha (planned 12 ha), water areas 2,5 ha (planned 5 ha), forest 6 ha (planned 14,5 ha), arable land 2,98 ha. Altogether 26,36 ha of the forest land has been rented. This land is rented for the purpose of restoration native floodplain ecosystems in C-activities.

C. Concrete conservation actions

C.1 Restoration of the flow capacity and longitudinal continuity of Danube branch system (BROZ, VVB)

Expected results: Action will be implemented in SCI Dunajské luhy. Minimum of 5 technical objects will be created or reconstructed on the selected locations at the existing fixed weirs, where maximal ecological impacts can be achieved for largest sections of the river branch system. Water regime of the area of 1850 ha improved.  Updated “Operating manual” with new technical measures and maximising ecological benefits of the restored longitudinal continuity of the river branch system. Conservation status of the targeted species will be improved and their populations will be enhanced.

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017): the activity has not started yet, it will start after finishing activity A1 and after the preparation of technical documentation in activity A3.

C.2: Restoration of river branches lateral connectivity and water regime of wetlands (VVB, BROZ)

Expected results: Two major river branches will be restored in their whole length. This includes restoration of their water regime a river dynamics. It is expected that minimum of 4 500 m of river branches will be re-connected with long-term perspective for sustainable natural restoration of breeding habitats for target species. Migration barriers for fish and other water organisms will be removed. Due to restricted access to some places after restoration also significant decrease of human disturbance will be achieved on 135 ha.Four wetlands will be restored with the total area expected of 37 ha.

Conservation status of the targeted species will be improved and their populations will be enhanced.

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017):

- May 2016 – the river arm Kráľovská lúka meadow near Baka village – one part was finished in the lenght of 190 m. This activity will continue

- in April 2017 – other restoration and enlarging the wetlands in the river branch system near Dobrohošť  and Vojka village was done. The results are: dry river arm was restored in the lenght 430 m, the flow of the water was restored and the period when the water is present in the river arm in the lenght of 440 m, was prolonged (before the water had been present 6 months in the year, now it is the whole year round). 0,95 ha of the long-term periodical wetlands were restored (Dobrohošť + Kyselica), the potencial of flooding hard and softwood forest in Dobrohošť and Kyselica was restored in the area of cca 16 ha.

C.3: Establishment of the biological base and production of planting material of the native tree species (NLC, DINPD)

Expected results:Established archive of forest tree genetic resources of the Danube floodplain in Slovakia. Within the repository of genetic resources of NLC, important species will be represented in a minimum of 20 pieces of each specimen. Together 45,000 pieces of seedlings for reforestation needs will be grown during the project implementation. A gene pool will be established by DINPD on 3.8 ha area. The number of genotypes in Hungary preserved in the tree-shaped collection is at least 400.

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017): a register of genetic sources of native forest wood species in Danube floodplains in field station NLC is being built.

Year 2016 - 800 seedling of black poplar and 450 seedlings of limes were grown

Year 2017 - 3000 seedlings of black poplar, 200 apple trees, 200 pear trees, 50 common oaks were grown

C.4: Restoration of autochthonous tree species composition and increase of the forest stands biodiversity (BROZ, DINPD)

Expected results: Planting of 57 500 pcs. of native tree species on the total area of 45 ha. 45 000 pcs of trees planted within Slovak part of project site. Invasive tree and plant species removed on the area of 40 ha o Slovak project side. After planting care of young trees realized. In Hungary on Háros Island: Clearance of  Negundo aceroides, Fallopia japonica, Solidago sp. from at least 7 hectares.Restoration of the alluvial forest (i.e. several smaller spots) on a total area of minimum 3.5 hectares. Construction of protective game wire fence in 1,550 m total length.Waste clean-up and removal of ammunition: 5 ha The removal of ammunition is necessary to provide for the safety of workers and researchers. The 560 m long concrete fence that runs in the middle of the alluvial forest, will be removed. By cutting its dikes in two places we assure better and more frequent flooding of the enclosed area.

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017):

Hungary – remowing of invasive species Negundo aceroides, Fallopia japonica, Solidago sp on the Haros Island is being done.

Slovakia – in the year 2016 in kadastral area of Bodíky two separate areas were mulched for the purpose of supporting rejuvenation – this happened on one of the places, other part had to be planted in spring 2017. The whole planting was done in the area of 4,5 ha. The overall number of planted seedlings was 3375. They included: common alder (Alnus glutinosa) – 210 trees, white willow (Salix alba) – 210 trees, white poplar (Populus alba) – 2245 trees, black poplar (Populus nigra)– 710 trees.

One of the area after the planting – all the seedling dryied out; the second area – cca 50 % survived and the area was replanted with 250 black poplars. On the place where no young trees survived we did not repeat the planting because we considered the soil and sunlight condition not to be suitable.

C. 5: Restoration of lowland meadows and non-forest habitats (BROZ)

Expected results: Overall 84 ha of grasslands restored and their regular management initiated. At least 150 pollard willows be restored. Overall 200 pcs of new pollard willows will be planted.

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017):

-     activity has started in 2017 – grassing of UEV Čiližské močiare near Kľúčovec has been done – on 23 ha of wet fields, in cooperation with the local agricultural company

-     in December 2017 – Works on restoration of lowland meadows in National Nature Reserve Apálsky ostrov near Komárno were accomplished. In UEV Dolnovážske luhy a metal barrier was installed on 24th of November 2017 with no addmittance. Then a partial mulching of the meadow was carried out – cca 3,8 ha (removal of natural seedings of trees and bushes)

D. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions (obligatory)

D.1: Hydrological and hydrobiological monitoring (VUVH)

Expected results:Compilation of database of hydrological, morphological, climatological, biological and chemical data for the state before and after implementation of measures. Assessment of present abiotic and biotic state of the branch systems in the project areas. Assessment of effectiveness of proposed measures. 

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017):beginning hydromorphological and hydrobiological monitoring has been done which is the basis for the activity A1 and also for the comparison of the state of the ecosystems before realisation of C-actions.

D.2: Monitoring of biota (BROZ, DINPD)

Expected results: Database will be created with estimated several thousands of records. At the end of the project final monitoring report with the results will be provided to give feedback to the implementation of the concrete conservation actions. Scientific information about selected groups of biota from the project site will be provided via annual reports. Final report will compare situation of selected taxa before onset of C actions and post-restoration situation.

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017):

Hungary: Monitoring of biota has been accomplished – of birds and fish.

Slovakia: monitoring of amphibians, land and water plants.

D.3 Monitoring of socio-economic impacts of the project (BROZ)

Expected results:One socio- economic report will be completed in a final phases to give feedback to the implementation of the concrete conservation actions.

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017): in 2017 a survey research was done from which the first report was processed.

D.4 Monitoring of the impact on the ecosystem functions (BROZ)

Expected results:The ecosystem functions will be characterized in the beginning of the project, after previous-monitoring of project sites and all relevant monitoring (of biota, hydrobiological monitoring etc.).  From all possibilities, the relevant ecosystem functions for each project site will be selected and those will be subsequently monitored.

Also the relevant ecosystem functions for specific habitats will be selected and monitored. The statement of the ecosystem in a relation to ecosystem functions will be measured in the beginning and in the end of the project.

Final monitoring report will be elaborated.

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017): action hasn´t started yet, it will start after choosing localities for the realisation of activities C1.

D.5 Monitoring of dissemination of activities (BROZ)

Expected results: The monitored results will be processed into excel tables and graphics, where relevant feedback progress will be clear. The percentage of questionnaire’s and quizes’s successful responses will be measured at the beginning and in the end of activities. The results and graphics will be delivered with final report, because the monitoring activities will last till the end of the project.

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017): activity hasn´t started yet

 E.  Public awareness and dissemination of results (obligatory)

E.1 Project website (BROZ)

Expected results:The project web page developed, maintained and promoted during the whole project period in three languages – EN, SK, HU.

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017): project web-site is in 3 language versions – English, Slovak and Hungarian and it is regularly actualised.

E.2 Meetings with stakeholders and study visits (BROZ)

Expected results: Constant communication with stakeholders, at least 24 meetings with stakeholders will be organized. In average each meeting attended by 5 representatives, 2 two-day study visits for cca. 30 people each will be organized.

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017): from the beginning of the project 30 meetings have been organized.

E.3 Publication of information, educational and promotional materials (BROZ, NLC, DINPD)

Expected results:Following information, educational and promotion materials will be produced and disseminated: leaflets, expert brochures – 3 types/ series together, 7 500 copies publication 'Discover Duna-Ipoly Natural Park', Cincer newspaper, DINPD promotional materials (textile bags, pens, register books, calendar, mugs), stickers, calendar, magnets,  T-shirts, cups, pens,  visitors centre facility improvement.

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017):


-     project logo – finished from 11/2015

-     stickers and magnets with the logo: 06/2016

-     stickers with historical photos of floodplains + rare species of plants and animals – spring 2017

-     information leaflet about project actions – october 2017 – it could be seen on the web page of the project

-     pens – are finished in 3 language versions

-     cups – hand made with project logo

-     accessories for visitor centre in Veľký Lél partly purchased and used for summer camps E.7

-     an open summer house built for visitors in Veľký Lél – august 2017


-     prepared project bags

-     Cincer Newsletter in 2017

chocolates with project logos produced

E.4 Excursions / tours for students, teachers and public, guid trainings (BROZ, DINPD)

Expected results:10 guided excursions for students (together  200 people expected), and 5 guided excursions for the public (together 50 people expected). Two 5-days trainings of guides will take place. DINPD. Five 1-day demonstration tours for teachers will take place. The number of new guides trained during the project: 20 people. The number of guides receiving further training during the project: 20 people. The number of people participating on guided tours during the project: 4000 people.

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017): For the purpose of organising excursions monocular, binoculars and magnifying glasses have been purchased. They are used for the activity E.7 – summer camps.

What was realised – 9 excursions for students and children (244 children and teachers), 4 excursions for public (54 participants)

E.5 Promotion of project on conferences and in media (BROZ, VUVH, NLC)

Expected results: Project presented on at least 13 conferences, 4 press conferences organized, 5 press releases distributed, 30 articles covering the project published, 5 radio interviews broadcasted, 10 TV shots broadcasted.

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017):

Year 2016 – 1 press release and 1 article in Bratislava Newspapers 1.12.2016

Year 2017 – 1 interview in the radio – 28.10.2017, 1 reportage in radio Regina 2.12.2017 – it is possible to hear it on the project website

Year 2018 – press release issued on World Wetland Day

E.6 Presentations for school and public, interactive educational expositions (BROZ, DINPD)

Expected results:10 presentations for students (together 200 people expected), 5 presentations for the public (together 100 people expected).The visit of stabile exhibition by 10 institutions/ organizations/ schools (Minimum of 3 500 visitors of stabile exhibition) - BROZ

Established exhibition by DINPD (overall 5 000 visitors during project duration)

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017):

11 presentations for students with 293 teachers

3 presentations for public – 186 participants

E.7 Camping in the nature (BROZ)

Expected results:Twenty 5-days camps for overall 240 children will take place

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017):

First summer camps took place in summer 2016 and 2017 – 12 summer camps, 130 children

In 2016 toilets and showers for summer camps were built

E.8 Final conference (BROZ)

Expected results: At least 40 participants from Slovakia and neighbouring countries attending the event. At least 5 media representatives attending press conference. Project’s results disseminated through at least 5 media outputs (e.g. online and printed articles, TV and radio interviews).

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017): activity hasn´t started yet.

E.9 Networking with other projects and institutions (BROZ)

Expected results: Six three day visits for 3-5 project personnel or key stakeholders will be organized and implemented. These will lead to visit several places where management of natural areas meets with similar issues and where interested parties can discuss e.g. sheep grazing management, natural tree species planting, use of natural mixtures seeds, and restoration of grasslands, wetlands. Such study visits will lead to similar projects in Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Hungary or Poland.

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017): 7 networking activities took place with representatives of NDPD, Czech and Slovak NGOs and representatives of Jihočeský kraj (county in the South of Czech republic) and participants from SOS – 75 participants.

E.10 Organization of family day (DINPD)

Expected results: 6 family days, expected 500 guests per event, i.e. a total of 3000 people in six years.

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017): Domos Greed Day took place in Hungary twice - 10. 9. 2016 , 9.9.2017, there was a high visit rate on this activity.

E.11 Notice boards (BROZ)

Expected results: Installation of 10 notice boards. Installation of small notice boards according need of actions implemented in field.

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017): activity hasn´t started yet.

E.12 Layman report (BROZ)

Expected results: Layman’s report produced

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017): activity hasn´t started yet.

F. Project management and monitoring of project progress (obligatory)

F.1 Project management (BROZ)

Expected results: The sound implementation of the project ensured. Project staff employed. First progress report, three other progress reports, midterm report and final report submitted.

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017): activity continues, first report was processed in 2016

F.2 Project bookkeeping and financial management (BROZ, DINPD)

Expected results:Transparent recording of project finances (expenditures + incomes)

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017): activity in progress

F.3 Project auditing (BROZ)

Expected results:Audit reports confirming transparent and accurate recording of project finances (expenditures + incomes). Final report on the project audit will be enclosed to the final technical report.

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017): activity hasn´t started yet.

F.4 After-LIFE project conservation plan (BROZ)

Expected results: An After-LIFE conservation plan  written after the project will finished will include the maintenance activities and responsible organisations.

Achieved results (date 31.12.2017): activity hasn´t started yet.