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Project objectives

Project title: Restoration of NATURA 2000 sites in cross-border Bratislava capital region
Project scheme: LIFE+, Nature and Biodiversity
Project acronym: NATURA 2000 BA
Project code: LIFE10 NAT/SK/080
Countries: Slovakia, Hungary, Austria
Administrative regions: SK010 Bratislavský kraj, SK021 Trnavský kraj, HU221 Győri, NUTS2 Niederösterreich, NUTS3 Weinviertel

Expected start date: 01/01/2012 Expected end date: 31/03/2017
Total project budget: 3 490 059 € (50 % EC financial contribution, 50 % Ministerstry of environment SR)

Program LIFE

Project objectives: The Bratislava Region and its surrounding display high diversity of natural conditions with high number of habitats and species of European importance. The trilateral cross-border region of Slovakia, Austria and Hungary including valuable sites of NATURA 2000 network represent strategic region where natural heritage should be preserved transnationally. Joint conservation efforts including suitable restoration management should lead to active nature protection and promotion of natural values in the region.

The main project objective is to establish a functional network of NATURA 2000 areas in the trilateral region of Bratislava and to secure favourable conservation status for habitats of Community interest by restoration and management of 17 sites within the project site.

Specific objectives of the project:
1. Restoration and introduction of appropriate management of habitats of Community
2. Restoration of river branch connectivity, water regime and flowing water conditions
3. Land lease and following introduction of appropriate habitat management
4. Implementation of measures preventing uncontrolled tourism and disturbance in target
5. Awareness rising of key stakeholders and public