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Unique interactive exhibition Bird Life in Danube floodplains offer environmental education opprotunities by the playful and interesting way. The exhibition can be accompanied by Slovak, Hungarian  and English. It offers knowledge about landscaping by the activities of rivers, about fauna and  flora of the floodplains, food chain of our biggest predator white-tailed eagle, visitors can also learn to know the bird species inhabiting wetlands, learn about their ecologies and distuingish them by voice, silhouettes, size or color feathers with interactive screen.

 Exhibition need cca 150 m2 and is from:

- 6 hand-painted panels with wetlands motives

- hand-painted wood dummy of bird species in life size

- magnetic panel – creative game with animal species in their natural habitat

- big puzzle m2 – satellite map of Slovak Žitný ostrov island and Small žitný ostrov island in Hungary

- food chain – dwood dummy of white-tailed eagle in life size and his preys

- Danube explorer – fly in the explorer rocket above and below Danube surface