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21.11.2016 - Planting of trees and putting up of bird boxes in SPA Ostrovné lúky

In November 2016, within the project Conservation of birds in SPA Ostrovné lúky we managed to plant 60 native fruit tree species which are characteristic for Rye Island – apricots, cherries and pears.

We thank to Dropie for organising sowing and choosing of the place of trees, helping people came also from the activation works from Čalovec, everything went very smoothly  and the trees were set in few hours with protective nets and support poles.

At the same time, putting up of bird boxes and nesting plates was taking place. The boxes and plates will create nesting opportunities for criteria species of our project. Bird bxes for Lesser Grey Shrike and Red-footed falcon and nesting plates for Red-footed Falcon were placed on higher trees and tree alleys in the country and around CEE SAŽP Dropie. We are already curious how many inhabitants they wll have in the next breeding season.