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Press release, Bratislava, 28.10.2016


Regional Association for Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development (BROZ), in cooperation with National Forestry Centre (NLC), had grown seedlings of native tree species of floodplain forests, which will be later used to restore the original tree species composition Danube floodplain forests. These trees will be planted within the existing stands of floodplain forests, in agreement with foresters.

The genetic material for these seedlings was identified and collected from the extremely valuable native trees floodplain forests by the National Forestry Centre in Gabčíkovo employees.

This activity is currently unique and will be used for long-term improvement of the status of floodplain forests. The original species - black poplars, white poplars, white willow as well as linden, mulberry, apple trees, oaks create more stable forest stands than non- native tree species, which are often replaced in commercial forests. The native tree species are more stable, have the ability to positively influence the water regime in floodplain forests and have more branched tree -tops which are more suitable for nesting of  rare species of birds linked to this habitat - white-tailed eagles and black storks.

The activity is a model of good practices in cooperation between environmentalists and foresters. In the future, such cooperation should be more intensive, particularly because the necessity to improve the quality of the natural environment.

This activity is part of a larger project of comprehensive protection of Danube floodplain habitats, which implements BROZ with the title LIFE14 NAT / SK / 001306 - Restoration and management of Danube floodplain habitats.