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Coordinating beneficiary:


Regional Association for Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development – BROZ

Na Riviére 19/a
841 04 Bratislava

The association was established in 1997. In our activities we focus on practical nature conservation, environmental education and public awareness rising mainly in the region of Western Slovakia and along Danube river.

Associated beneficiary:  



DAPHNE - Institute of Applied Ecology

Podunajská 24
821 06 Bratislava

DAPHNE is focused on applied research, practical nature conservation and also on environmental education of school children, organization was established in 1993.

Comenius University in Bratislava

Šafárikovo nám. 6
818 06 Bratislava

The Department of Zoology of Comenius University is also on of the project partners - they are responsible for realisation of monitoring of impact of project actions on main fauna species.

State Nature Conservancy of Slovak Republic

Tajovského 28B
974 01 Banská Bystrica

For State Nature Conservancy of Slovak Republic the project partners are PLA Záhorie, Malé Karpaty a Dunajské luhy and Regional Centre for Nature Conservation Bratislava.

Pisztráng Kör  (Trout Circle)

Határőr 7
9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, Maďarsko

Trout Circle Association’s aim is raising public awareness on the field of nature protection in close relationship with schools, universities, forestry, water management authorities to introduce and protect Szigetköz natural habitats with environmental centre in Dunasziget.



National Park Donau-Auen

2304 Orth/Donau, Schloss Orth

National park with its seat at castle Orth was established in 1996. Within the project. their role is to prepare excursions for public, project team trainings focused mainly on management of visitors in protected areas.