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Partner of the project NLC continues in growing nurslings of the native woody species of floodplain forests

This year in the place of field station NLC in Gabčíkovo workers started to grow (beside Black Poplars and linden) also oaks (English Oak – Quercus robur), wild apple trees (Malus silvestris), pears (Pyrus communis), white poplar (Populus alba) and gray (Populus canescens) and Smoothleaf Elm (Ulmus minor). Seeds (or cutoffs) were taken from trees of these species identified in Danube floodplains – the activity A.4 „Identification of the sources of autochthonous gene pool, reproduction of these species and elaboration of activities draft serving on forest ecosystems conservation“ Grown nurslings will be in the autumn of 2017 and spring 2018 planted in floodplain forests in SCI Dunajské luhy – the activity C.4 „Restoration of autochthonous tree species composition and increase of the forest stands biodiversity“