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Expert study on restoration of selected river branch systems (A.2)

The main objective of this activity is to propose measures to rebuild the connection between the main flow of Danube and its branch system in selected localities. Draft of the measures was drawn up with regard to the Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC and consulted with partners. In the Sap-Szob area such measures were coordinated with the policies developed within the Hungary-Slovakia project DuReFlood. Due to proposal of appropriate measures was drawn up an analysis of the historical and morphological development of the Danube River and its branch system. Hydrological and hydraulic data were collected and analyzed and subsequently the hydrological regime was determined in the selected localities.

Within the activity A2 detailed inspection of terrain and surveying was carried out. Actual technical and topographic data were introduced into the digital terrain model (DTM) which was used as input to D2 hydrodynamic model as well as an analysis of current situation and proposed measures for recovery.

As the most suitable segments for the renewal in terms of hydrology and hydromorphology appear Medveďovské and Kľúčovecké branch which have also significant flood control feature.