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07.07.2017 - Protection and restoration of riparian forest stands and vegetation

Action started in spring 2016. In spring 2017 all remaining trees have been planted.

Trees were planted on 18 localities, instead of planned 27 localities. The reasons were availability of the suitable free places for planting and time schedule of the project. All these localities are in compliance with the recommendations of the A3 expert study.

As part of this action mapping of riparian forests focused on searching of old trees and native tree species is also being realised. Mapped old growth trees and/or and native tree species within monocultures of hybrid poplars or other forests stands designated for felling were marked and preserved also within forest stands which are intensively commercially used.  Since the project start, more than 1 000 such native trees were localized, marked and protected till now.


Tree species planted




Salix alba




Populus alba

4 000

6 000


Populus nigra

1 650

2 475


Alnus glutinosa




Quercus robur

1 195

1 792


Fraxinus angustifolia





7 600

11 400

19 000


All 19 000 young trees have been planted as planned. Trees were planted on 18 localities with the total summary size of 15,2665 ha.