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Restoration of feeding habitats of target bird species (C.4)


The action started with restoration of meadows as feeding habitats. First phase of works was focused on two locations within SPA Dunajske luhy. Both of them have very good position in relation to nesting sites which are included to expert study for restoration of breeding habitats (historical as well as some current). First place is near Gabčíkovo, where on the area of 10 ha (three separated but adjacent parts) were initiated the restoration of grasslands on arable land. In the past the area was used as agricultural field. For restoration the natural mixture of original grass and herbs species has been selected and sown.

Second case of restoration works is located in cadastral areas of Bratislava – Petržalka and Ružinov, where long-term ears meadows of overall area 15 ha were fully overgrown by invasive plants. Both areas are directly behind the long part of Danube river banks included to expert study as one of restoration possibility. In the past the breeding colony of sand martins was known from these places. Currently there are 34,66 ha of restored grasslands maintained as meadows by mowing in Petržalka and 18,15 ha in Ružinov.

Restoration of grasslands by sowing of natural seed mixtures on arable land has been realised in spring 2017 on 2 locations with the total size of 5,5 ha in Číčov in cooperation with the agricultural cooperative Sokolce.

Since 2016, restored area in Bratislava - Ružinov has been enlarged by another 20 ha by grazing of sheep in the upper part of the overgrown alluvial meadows. The uneven terrain makes it difficult for machine mulching and mowing, therefore grazing is an optimal way to restore and maintain this area.

Restoration of feeding habitats via grazing and establishment of the pasture finally started in SPA Dolné Pohronie in Radvaň nad Dunajom, nearby Virt village. The area of 12 ha has been fenced by the new electric fence with the total length of 2000 m.

Small overgrown meadow of 1,5 ha has been restored in May 2016 within the SPA Dunajské luhy near Komárno, cadastral area of Veľké Kosihy by milling of woody vegetation and mulching of regenerated shoots. This locality is grazed by local farmer Kristína Víghová since 2017.


So far, four wetlands have been restored by BROZ with the total site of about 1,77 ha. For cost effective realisation, restoration of wetlands was connected with external field works of action C.1. Three wetlands were restored  in SPA Dunajské luhy in the cadastral area of Dobrohošť ( 0,84 ha + 0,5 ha + 0,35 ha) and 1 SPA Dolné Pohronie in the cadastral area of Bátorove Kosihy (0,08 ha), with the total size of 1,77 ha.


Summary results

Wetlands restored and created on 4 localities with the total size of 1,77 ha so far.

Grazing supported and established on 3 localities with the total size of 34 ha so far.

Grasslands restored and maintained as meadows by mowing on 4 localities with the total size of 74,61 ha so far.