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16.06.2017 - Restoration of steep river banks and nesting walls - Bátorove Kosihy

Restoration of steep nesting walls in Bátorove Kosihy was prepared and realised in a close cooperation with the municipality and the mayor and also with the local civic association “Brehuľa” (Sand martin). Information boards and notices were placed at all the locations of restoration works, informing local inhabitants about the reasons of the works and importance of target species.  Localities in Bátorove Kosihy were occupied by nesting pairs also before the restoration, but the nesting walls were already overgrown by vegetation (herbs but also shrubs and trees) and/ or eroded. By restoration measures implemented, size and height of the nesting walls have been enlarged and thus the nesting conditions improved. Enlarged height of the nesting walls (as well as wetland directly under the nesting wall 2 restored by Action C.4) provide better protection of nesting holes from predators and supports also better nesting success.