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Land rent and purchase

The purpose of purchase and renting of land is to introduce suitable management in areas where the natural character of the area requires appropriate conservation measures (such as restoration of grasslands or reed cutting) or allow for activities for restoration of habitats (raising the water level in wetlands, inundation of new areas, restoration of water flow in the Čiližský potok stream).

Purchase and a long-term renting of land is the most effective and often the only possible way of introducing conservation measures on private lands. The land is being purchased and rented in particular in areas where the measures will cause substantial changes in the present land use such as raising water level, inundation of arable land, transformation of arable land into permanent grasslands or implementing habitat corridors on arable land, preferably in municipalities Čiližská Radvaň, Číčov and Veľké Kosihy. Ownership or renting of land is a way of compensating owners for lower incomes resulting from transformation of arable land into meadows or wetlands.

Through purchase or renting of land we try to prevent negative development of human activities in the country. In some cases, economic activities may cause fragmentation of habitat corridors and migration routes, draining of marshes or simply make the restoration of water regime impossible. Ownership of land by an organisation for nature conservation is the best way to prevent undesirable interventions in protected areas.

In Čiližská Radvaň municipality we have purchased 27,72 hectares of land in Site of Community Importance Čiližské močiare which is situated next to the locality with the highest occurence of root vole species. We restored a wet meadow on a land which had been recently ploughed up. We aimed to enlarge the locality suitable for surviving of the species.

In the period of may 2014 – september 2015 we purchased another 4,43 hectares of land in cadastral areas Číčov and Klížska Nemá, all in sites of community importance Čiližské močiare and Dunajské trstiny.

Till the end of the project we managed to gain 20,63 hectares of the land by purchase or land swap in Sites of Community Importance Číčovské luhy, Čiližské močiare, Dunajské luhy, Dunajské trstiny, Kľúčovské rameno and Pohrebište. Overall we acquired 100,60 hectares of the land in the project.