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21.10.2017 - New Slovak envirorecord in tree planting

In the SPA Ostrovné lúky, a new Slovak envirorecord in tree planting was achieved within the LIFE 12 NAT/SK/001155 Ostrovné lúky project.

On 20th October 2017, 542 volunteers planted trees within the International Day of Trees with the slogan: „Trees to the Landscape“. Despite the foggy water, together 951 of seedlings of different types of trees were successfully planted – apple trees, pear trees, apricot trees, limetrees, oaks, maple trees and poplars. The participants in the record received a memorial cup in which they could pick up the water from the tank water brought by Bratislavská vodárenská spoločnosť. At the end of the event, warm gulash soup was waiting for everyone.  

Altogether 75 organisations and institutions joined and supported the event – municipalities, universities, primary schools, state intitutions, public bodies, firefighters, farmers, hunters, sportsmen, companies, individual volunteers and much more.

This event was organised by Bratislavské regionálne ochranárske združenie together with project partner Slovenská agentúra životného prostredia – SEV Dropie in Zemianska Olča.

Trees were planted in the vast area of NATURA 2000 – SPA Ostrovné lúky – in municipalities Bodzianske lúky, Okoličná na Ostrove, Čalovec, Lipové and Brestovec, where there is only very little areas covered with trees – approximately 5% of the surface.

By planting of the trees, the diversity of the landscape and its ecological stability was increased. We created the living conditions for many valuable and protected species of animals and we brought trees back to the landscape.

The participating organizations have received a diploma on participation and we believe that they will continue to plant trees in other places and on other occasions or individually.

The LIFE Ostrovné lúky project is financially supported by the EU-LIFE Program and co-financed by the MoE SR. This activity was also supported by a large number of subjects - whether financially (ZSE, Henkel Foundation) and by free of charge support: from digging holes, mowing, providing tools to watering the trees after planting. Special thanks belongs to Lesy SR, OZ Semenoles, which provided free seedlings of limetrees and maple trees.

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