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Interactive exhibition (E.6)

On 2nd February 2016 within the International Wetlands Day the opening ceremony of the exhibition ,,The Wall” took place. Opening ceremony was attended by State Secretary of the Ministry of Environment who opened the exhibition with a short speech. Except of representatives of the Ministry of Environment, BROZ, VVB and Prif UK among the first who saw and experienced the exhibition were pupils from private school Wonderschool from Bratislava Dúbravka.

The exhibition highlights the importance of protecting target species, in particular the need of protection of the environment in which they live and find their food. Through the experience of discovering it offers visitors knowledge about the protected areas on the Danube Plain and in particular about the little-known colourful inhabitants living in vertical banks of the Danube River and its tributaries as well as in the sand walls further away from the river and its side-arms.

Participants can directly engage, for example, in interactive game about migration of European Bee-eater - "put themselves in his place" to get to know all the danger he must face during his journey to wintering place, by using an interactive screen they can learn what to do for the purity of our water (which is important not only for fish but also for birds feeding on them) and to do right decisions in their own home, through a camera they can look directly into the nests of these fascinating birds.